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Happy puppy! by DragonPup1987 Happy puppy! :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 8 1 Wanna walk with me? by DragonPup1987 Wanna walk with me? :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 8 1 Keno Doodles by DragonPup1987 Keno Doodles :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 17 8 Sharing is caring by DragonPup1987 Sharing is caring :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 11 3 Such a gentleman by DragonPup1987 Such a gentleman :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 13 3 Tribal by DragonPup1987 Tribal :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 7 1 Shadow (Request) by DragonPup1987 Shadow (Request) :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 9 2 Under the Light by DragonPup1987 Under the Light :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 11 1 I missed you so much by DragonPup1987 I missed you so much :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 14 4 Chole by DragonPup1987 Chole :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 9 0
Alternate Paths: Chapter 6
As another work day began, Kando got out of bed and prepared for another day. He looked at the clock and it was 6am. He's still not use to getting up early than usual. So, he had to force himself out of bed even though he wants to continue to lay in his soft bed. He grabbed his uniform and set it down on the bed. He turned on the lamp and walked into the bathroom to go freshen up.
~Time Skip~
After taking Jason to Cathy's house, Kando drove to work. Once he arrived, the smell of freshly baked muffins filled his nose. He clocked in and reported to his station.
"Good morning Kando," Mr.Smith greeted him.
"Good morning Mr.Smith."
Then Jerry entered into the bakery.
"Good morning everyone," Jerry greeted aloud.
"Hey Jerry," Kando greeted him.
"Hey Kando. Do you like the job so far?"
"It's cool. I hate getting up so early, but I'll get use to it."
Then Officer Blake entered the bakery with the widest smile on his face.
"Hey Kando!"
"How's it going?"
"It's been okay. I'
:icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 1 0
Not so cute now... by DragonPup1987 Not so cute now... :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 7 4 Free Adoptable by DragonPup1987 Free Adoptable :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 2 5 Universe by DragonPup1987 Universe :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 5 2
Fallen Packs: Chapter 7
"So, what happened to you?," Montes asked curiously.
"A-a-are you g-gonna hurt me? Please d-don't," she cried.
"I'm not gonna hurt you. None of us will," he reassured her. "Are you apart of a pack?"
"My f-family were k-k-killed by L-Luna and Dark. She was going to k-kidnap me and u-use me," she explained.
"That's sickening! My dad told me about Dark sending Luna and other wolves to kidnap female wolves from other packs. It's truly disgusting. Don't worry, we're gonna protect you at all cost."
She nodded as she wiped away few of her tears.
"Follow me into my den."
She catiously followed him to his den.
"By the way, what's your name?," he asked her.
"I-I'm Sahara," she said shyly.
"That's a pretty name," he complimented.
"Thank you," she said shy and low.
"I'm Montes."
Then they arrived to the small den.
"Well here we are. Home sweet home."
She glanced around the small cave.
"It's not much, but it's home," he smiled.
"W-who's that?," she pointed to Marshall.
"That's my little brother Mar
:icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 1 0
Blueberry by DragonPup1987 Blueberry :icondragonpup1987:DragonPup1987 9 0


Savoy by Askalsky Savoy :iconaskalsky:Askalsky 6 1 A little present - gift for DragonPup1987 by 0ptimusgames3 A little present - gift for DragonPup1987 :icon0ptimusgames3:0ptimusgames3 6 3 Silver Stryke ref by Smokestarrules Silver Stryke ref :iconsmokestarrules:Smokestarrules 13 7 Request for Dragonpup by Blue-Ape Request for Dragonpup :iconblue-ape:Blue-Ape 8 2 Art trade with StunkyAftermath by Blue-Ape Art trade with StunkyAftermath :iconblue-ape:Blue-Ape 4 7 Wolfsong by NE0NKAI Wolfsong :iconne0nkai:NE0NKAI 68 8 Sketch Dump by CyanideCataclysm Sketch Dump :iconcyanidecataclysm:CyanideCataclysm 7 13 Heartless Ink by CyanideCataclysm Heartless Ink :iconcyanidecataclysm:CyanideCataclysm 18 2 rrrrrAAAAaaa by RegretfulFox rrrrrAAAAaaa :iconregretfulfox:RegretfulFox 5 0 ShellSlash by RegretfulFox ShellSlash :iconregretfulfox:RegretfulFox 6 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 10
Continuing from the last chapter Winter and Levi both show their parents to their den. Then the two brothers head back to their den. “Well now that was fun,” Winter says to Levi.
Levi replies, “Yeah. We got to see mommy and daddy again, and we got to bring them to the camp. I know it’s not the best, but this will be our new home. Winter promise me we won’t ever leave this place.”
Winter re-assured him, “Yes I promise Levi. I hope we never have to leave this place either. I kind of like it here too. I mean I made a new friend, and I would hate to have to leave her.”
Levi starts teasing Winter, “Winter’s got a girlfriend! Winter’s got a girlfriend!”
Winter gets embarrassed and says, “Levi quiet down. She’s not my girlfriend. I haven’t even known her that long.”  
Levi calms down and says, “Okay, sorry big bro. I was only teasing.”
Winter replies, “It’s fine. I gues
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 11
Continuing from the last chapter. Dustin’s daughter Beatrix has gone missing. Of course no one wants to assume the worst, but it is very possible that it’s a more serious concern then everyone thinks. Everyone is in shock and Dustin says, “I returned home from dinner at the square last night hoping to see her safe and sound, but I was wrong. Where could she have gone? I’m informing you all of this incident because I fear that she has traveled to far from the base camp and it’s dangerous to wander out in the night. There has been so many rogues wandering around that she very well could have gotten kidnapped by one of them.  We must prepare a search party to find her, and make sure that she is okay, and returns home safely.”
Winter replies, “I think I might know where she went.” Everyone suddenly turns to Winter, as he speaks. “I’ll join the search for her. I was the last one to talk with her, and she never told me anything
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 12
Continuing from the last chapter Dustin is trying to carry his mate all the way to an empty den where she can have their kit. Dustin asks that she try to save her strength and rest. Now with his mate sleeping on his back he is more vulnerable. He must be careful not to disturb her slumber or provoke anyone in the area leading to the den. Everything is peaceful for now. A few hours later Dustin makes it safely to the den with his mate on his back. He decides to lay her down gently and gather up some food from around the area. She’s going to need her strength and so is he. He whispers to her, “Don’t worry honey I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go catch some dinner for us. Just sit tight and I’ll be back before you know it. You won’t even notice I’m gone.” Dustin then walks off.
Soon after he left his mate awoke from her slumber. Of course she was asleep, so she had no idea where he might have gone off to. However she assumed it was for f
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 13
Continuing from the last chapter Winter has found a rock with the ancient foot writing known as The Dance of the Foxes. The note is written by Beatrix and is addressed to her father Dustin. The leader of Winter’s clan. What could be inscribed on the rock? Winter and his family successfully make it back to the campsite with news for Dustin about Beatrix and where she might be. Winter yells, “Hey Dustin we’re back, and we found something!”
Dustin hears Winter and says, “You did? What did you guys find out about my daughter? Was she kidnapped and do we know the culprit?” Winter takes a second to breathe and gently places the rock on the ground in front of Dustin. Dustin asks, “What’s that? A note? From who?”
Winter replies back, “Yes it’s a note from Beatrix.”
Dustin, “How do you know that it was from her Winter? I can’t make out what the note says. Do you have any idea what the note says Winter?”
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 14
Continuing from the last chapter. Dustin and Winter were talking about where Beatrix might possibly be. To their surprise she was kidnapped by Denis an albino wolf who has a pack that will stop at nothing to get what they want. What could they possibly want with Dustin, and why is his daughter being held captive? Before Winter and Dustin finished their conversation they decided to come up with a plan to free Beatrix and take out Denis along with his pack. Winter asks, “Dustin sir are you sure that this plan will work?”
Dustin answers, “Yes Winter I’m sure. Our plan is full proof. Now we just need to execute it. Hmm? I got it! Meet me here at my den tomorrow morning before we depart, and make sure you bring your family with you.”
Winter asks, “Ugh okay…. Wait sir why do you want me to bring them?”
Dustin answers, “I need to fill them in on our plan to rescue Beatrix. Also we could use all the help that we can get.” He then turn
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0





Everyone have their own favorite animals. My favorite animals are corgis (OBVIOUSLY), fennec fox, wolves, bears, and tigers.
Keno Doodles
Doodles/gift of my irl friend who I'm gonna go by the name Keno online instead of his real name. He's not just my best friend, but my crush too ;D

I made him a corgi because he's short too. He's like 5'3 or 5'4, but I still consider him short. I'm 5ft tall okay?! He didn't want to be a corgi, butttttt tooooo late boi! I drew us blushing beside each other because that actually happened earlier this school year. Right under that, you can see the derpy version of him. I swear he made that expression one day and I frickin laughed hard XD kinda make sense why I made him a corgi, right? Btw I drew his nose big and pointy because that's how his nose is like in real life XDDDDDD I'm gonna show him this whenever I get the chance to see him again

I changed his fursona design a little bit, but most of the original details are still colored.

A quick update: I showed him this and he blushed soooo hard. >w< The longer he looked at it, the more he blushed. He's just so sweet and awesome! Ahhhhhhhhhh! He finally accept the fact that his fursona is a corgi X3

Puppy love... literally ;D
I missed you so much
Chole is a fox and Jonas is a hyena. Just two oc's that I'm adding.

Background Information:

Chole is 23 years old. She works at a bookstore, and she loves to read mystery stories. She stands at 5'8 ft tall, has blue eyes, and her body is built as slim and slightly curvy. Chole is mostly shy and quiet, but she's more outgoing when she's around her husband. Overall, Chole is shy, quiet, loving, and generous. Her husband, Jonas, is 24 years old. He works at a high school and teaches orchestra and piano. Sometimes, he dresses formally. He usually dress formally whenever he goes to school, dinner, weddings, etc. Well anything important. He is 6'2ft tall, has yellow eyes, and a medium built body. He is overprotective of Chole. Overall, Jonas is outgoing, silly, sweet, and loving.
I'm trying to come up with a second style. The style aims more to toony. The style is still in process of being complete, and I drew one of my old fursonas, Tribal, to experiment on. He's actually a ferret, but then I made him a hybrid of a ferret, fox, and dragon. Idk why
Shadow (Request)
Request from creepsome

This is the last request that I'm doing for now. This request and the other four I chose to draw were requested back in October, which I should have finished sooner. But I'm always busy with school as usual back then and now. Also, I can be lazy and tired sometimes. That's why I don't do request that much anymore. The next time that I will do request is when Christmas comes.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Everyone have their own favorite animals. My favorite animals are corgis (OBVIOUSLY), fennec fox, wolves, bears, and tigers.


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Really loves belly rubs
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Hello! Glad you found my page! :D

A quick bio about me:

You can call me Dragon, Dragonpup, or Kay (I don't want to give out my real name). I'm 15 years old and obviously I love to draw! I like to write stories too. I'm a bit shy but I love to talk to people. I love wolves, dogs, bears, corgis, especially fennec foxes! That's why my icon is a fennec fox (or a corgi) I act like a total goof when I'm around my friends. In real life and online. I draw art just for fun. Also I play video games! I play on the PlayStation 3 and 4 and I mostly play Call of Duty and Battlefield. If you want to play online just message me on here or on PlayStation. (Scroll down to see my gamertags) And most of all I love coffee! Its my fuel XD I also almost fogot to metion that I'm a furry. So please no hate!

If you want to talk to me I would love to! :D Don't afraid of me.

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Hugz for dayz (bday gift/request) by ZachMFKAttack Birthday Bawss by SYNESTHETIC-CANINE Klaudia by wild-beats G: Klaudia by AngelTheCyborgPanda klaudia the fox (gift) by ZachMFKAttack For Dragonpup1987 by Nightonox :thumb598146997: .:Request:. Klaudia and Howler by etzystar ~  the Brave dragon  ~ [contest  entry  ] by foxythepirate290 :thumb619549402: Renn (CM)  by LupaWolfe Avalanche by ErnieWolf For DragonPup1987 by OniGolden [Request] George for DragonPup1987 by inteur Happy Birthday DragonPup1987 by cuteybunny14711 Wishlist Gift : DragonPup1987 by brvssel
A little gift! by xBlackVeilSirenx For DragonPup1987 by HalfwellTheCyborg 51 watchers special!!!! by Scribbot :thumb650442288: Dragonpup request by Sseroxy Niblet Fursuit Badge (Complete) Request by DanderWoodwere Bandit - (Request) by DanderWoodwere Kingston - Drawing Request by GoldenDragon5882 Art Trade: Rosco by sorawolfkiba
Commission, love fluffs by xBlackVeilSirenx Winter (Art Trade) by jmg124 AT: Trail by AngelTheCyborgPanda
Dragonpup art trade by Sseroxy Eric (Art Trade)  by MysticalGMA Art Trade with Dragonpup1987 by SolitaryGrayWolf
Zuki by dapper-timberwolf Koko - RQ by KibaPB
[ArtTrade] Benny by Rulfrick AT by Kanikazinx
Art trade #4 DragonPup by Sseroxy Stuck in your head (c) by xBlackVeilSirenx Running Late [Art Trade] by SunsetProductions
Alien (Request For A Friend) by MysticalGMA Art Trade with Dragonpup1987 by SolitaryGrayWolf Zatez (commission) by Smokestarrules
.:wowie[RQ]:. by fox-in-the-woods RQ: Toby by AngelTheCyborgPanda 13# Request For Dragonpup1987 of Finn by xKayCatx Rosco (Request For a Friend)  by MysticalGMA Bagel by Askalsky Howler (AT) by ZachMFKAttack

I play video games a lot!
I have a ps3 and ps4 so i meet with anyone.
Ps3 name: petdragon9
Ps4 name: petdog8

Btw I have mic so I can talk too :D

My fursonas!


Both Bonnie's are guys.:Stamp:. by NightlightWish Mangle is a gal.:stamp:. by NightlightWish:thumb492928923::thumb517855030: Phone Guy stamp by kumapastrychef FNAF Shippings Stamp by xXArtistWolfXx Stamp-I still ship it by fluffyyen Foxy x Chica (Stamp) by Crazy-Matroskin55 Springtrap X Mangle (Stamp) by Crazy-Matroskin55
wolf stamp by war-armor I'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolf Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirl I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps Stamp: Team Toothless by MoogleGurl Anthro Stamp by evilempress The Furry Stamp by Busiris Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 Wolf Love Stamp by cloudrat Stamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolf I love Red Pandas by WishmasterAlchemist
Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner:thumb75704611: Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo Wolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeart stamp by alwaslgirl Never... by prosaix
Big Dogs Stamp by Roonifer five nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat Ferret Love Stamp by cloudrat Good furry stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer -vote for- Transformers Stamp by nakashimariku stamp_Transformers movie by Nightcathybrid The Money Stamp by Busiris Stamp: Glowsticks by Lorena677 Howling Wolf Stamp by SunnStamp Wolf by electr0kill Do What You Love Stamp by G0REH0UND Grimlock not kisser by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Transformers G1 80's stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed stamp_proud autobot by Nightcathybrid Furry Does Not Equal Yiff by LightLoveAngel Fursuit Love Stamp by smileystamps Animated Fursona Stamp by VampsStock Furry stamp by UchihaDEMS :thumb160509473: DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics PS3: Stamp by JazzaX PS4 Stamp by Mr-Blitz Yoshi Stamp by Kevfin I love German Shepherd Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist German Shepherd Stamp by Nucozih Stamp - US Flag by MauserGirl Stamp - Respect by MauserGirl {Perfect} by Mesperyian Accept Everyone by stasher-dragon Battlefield 3 Stamp by KahunaSniper Battlefield 4 Stamp by SpectreSinistre Battlefield 3 by AHMED-ART Call of duty 4 by Jenya88 Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Resident Evil 4 Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Modern Warfare 3 Stamp by ADDOriN Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz I Laugh at My Own Jokes Stamp by Emotikonz:thumb661823009:


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